Yoga is freedom.

Freedom from the frustration that comes from the missing integrity with yourself.

The practice gives you clarity on the question who am I.

The freedom to embrace your values and acting according to your priorities.

Which are your values ?

What are your three top priorities ?

Are you living according to them or not ?

You have the responsibility to be honest with your thoughts, your speech and your actions.

The risk of misalignment and mis-equilibrium between your thoughts, your talks and your behaviors leads to pain and frustration.

But how to avoid this misalignment ?

Do your inner work, yoga is the tool for your work.

My values: courage, integrity and independency allowed me to decide a change was needed. Leaving the corporate world and becoming a Yoga Teacher.

Yoga is freedom

Yoga is going home.

I was looking for something bigger than me, maybe an escape from reality.

I was working 9–10 hours in a big corporation office. Without goals and engagement. Without flexibility and freedom. I was beating the known path.

Exactly what family, friends and your lead call a good, well paid job with career growth possibilities.

The more frustrated I was about with my job and my relationships the more I was looking for my yoga time in my weekly schedule.

I started yoga because I was simply curious, a colleague mentioned there was a new course in our corporate gym.

At that time I was living in a small town in the mountains (North Italy), 4000 inhabitants. Where something new shows up once in a lifetime.

I gave it a try.

Set down on my yoga mat I felt suddenly comfortable.

Listening to my inhalation and exhalation.

I was there.




Yoga is going home.

Yoga is feeling your body.

Feel your body. Because it knows all the answers. The practice is observing yourself without judgements and criticism, being the observer and the observed at the same time.

I always had a good relationship with my body, I have practiced sport with consistency all over my life, but I have never listened to my body before my yoga practice took off four years ago.

Your body has great capacity to respond to your doubts and take more accurate decision that your mind. The thing is that you are keen to listen to your mind screwing voice instead of your body whispering.

The practice creates space between you and your thoughts. You may eventually realize that you are not your thoughts.

The practice is exploring with an open mind, bringing together the opposites: strength and flexibility, structure and creativity.

Finally I embraced the journey. I went back again to my values: courage, independency and integrity. It became clear that my role into this world is being committed to share my yoga practice with other people and empowering through the practice. Yoga is a powerful tool to know your place in the world.

Yoga is feeling your body.

I am looking forward to practice with you. To know more about my yoga philosophy and to practice with me follow me on Instagram: silviazanet